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Corà has been operating on domestic and international markets since 1919, procuring and transforming wood using both manual and industrial processes. Today it is the largest distributor of wood products in Italy and has the widest range of woods available on the market.

Four generations of dedicated passion have led to the development of prestigious products that meet all the demands of any building sector, from apartments to large-scale projects and restoration work.

The business has always been run bearing in mind the fragility of the ecosystem and its importance for the planet. This is why all business evolutions have always led to careful evolution of sustainability.

Parquet For Your Home

The elegance of wood veins and the distinctive style that a wood flooring confers to the rooms makes the house welcoming and refined.

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Parquet For The Outdoors

Corà brings the elegance of parquet also to outdoor spaces. Thanks to dedicated processes and careful selection of wood species very resistant to the weather it is possible to enjoy the beauty of a wood flooring also outdoor.

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Parquet For Public Areas

Public spaces, too, deserve a distinctive style. Corà is a leader in supplying the best wood species for a perfect and unique design and parquet makes the ambiences elegant and charming.

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