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Seves Glass Block

Producer of

  • facades
  • glass blocks

Seves Glassblock is the world‘s leading manufacturer of glass block for interior design and architectural applications.

The success of Seves Glassblock is the result of a clear objective: to transform glass blocks from simple building materials into architectural and artistic elements, liberating their potential and providing architects, designers and interior designers with a new element to use in the creation of high-level, formal aesthetic creations.

Seves Glassblock combines the tradition and extensive experience of Vetroarredo, Vitrablok and Solaris: industrial groups that embody the history of glass blocks and are respectively synonymous with high quality design, decorative glass art and cutting-edge, high-performance technology solutions.

Smart home

Absolute transparency, playful, dancing shapes, forms that arrange and rearrange themselves suggestively – this is the magic of glass block design. Discover an infinite number of designs to realize highly diverse and personalized ambiences with effects like striking identifying marks, symbols, and geometries that determine the flow and direction of light.

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Smart architecture

Today’s glass block unites aesthetic values with high profile, performance techniques. By offering both functionality and artistic merit, glass block provides original solutions to innovative concepts and modern design projects. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, high-quality raw materials, and the continuous development of new and innovative solutions, Seves Glassblock has effectively reinvented glass block, which now has virtually unlimited building potential.

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