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  • staircases
  • tiles
  • washbasins, sinks and tops

Tiles in Travertine

SITEM produce travertine tiles suitable to cover both indoor and outdoor surfaces, thanks to the excellent technical characteristics of our stones. In the different types and finishes, honed or polished, the tiles make precious but practical environments. Travertine is particularly suitable as a coating or as a floor in both bathrooms and kitchens and outdoors for terraces, balconies, swimming pool and much more.

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Tiles in Tumbled Palladiana

Tumbled Palladiana originates from old road pavements of ancient Rome made of random length, usually a technique used for the walkways. In later ages, because of the introduction of the use of precious marbles and small size, it began to be used also for elegant interiors. Browse our catalog and discover the various types of tumbled Palladian travertine signed SITEM.

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Travertine Sinks and Washbasins

SITEM travertine sinks furnish your home: are original objects, able to turn an ordinary room into a particular environment. Like all natural materials, over time they give glamour, shine, leaving the signs of aging with the sophistication that distinguishes them. They are versatile because adaptable to both the kitchen to the bathroom rather than the garden. Built on a stone shelf or a wooden cabinet, the travertine sinks become the central part of the furniture of a house.

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Travertine Stairs

We often do not think of the importance of stairs because we have already bought houses with indoor stairs present; however, when you decide to restructure or, for security reasons, you are forced to rebuild this part of the house, you realise the great variety of materials and finishes and how difficult it is to choose the most suitable to our house. SITEM produces stairs in travertine with a timeless and eternal charm. 

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